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As well as conventional studio recording sessions Joe can provide remote recordings from his London studio. Get in touch if you'd like Joe on your record. These are the instruments available for recording:


Hammond C3

This 1963 Hammond C3 with Leslie 145 is what you might call the big daddy/dog's b****cks of the Hammond world. It's been the go to organ for rock, jazz, soul and pop records for well over 50 years and needs no introduction.



This 1978 Wurlitzer EP200 is the Wurly model. Made from the late 50's to late 70's it has that distinctive crunchy tone and all the characteristics you'd expect from the legendary instrument.


Upright Piano

This J. Reid upright sits beautifully in the mix of any record and has plenty of character. 


Hammond M101 

This 1961 M101 and Leslie 145 are a beautiful pair. The M's have their own characteristics away from the C3/B3 and are the sound of many classic records such as 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' and 'Green Onions'. 


This Moog Sub 37 is an incredibly well thought out modern analogue synth. It has almost endless capabilities in terms of sound production and can faithfully re-create original 60's/70's Moog sounds as well as it can push the boundaries of new tones.

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