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With Paolo Nutini live at Air Studios

With Louis Dunford at Hammersmith Apollo

With Kat Eaton at The Pool studios

'Oh Mother' -Masterlink Session Featuring 

Georgia Van Etten

On Later With Jools, backing Italian

pop legend Zucchero

'Something So Strong' -Masterlink Session Featuring 

Georgia Van Etten

'Get It' -Masterlink Session with the house   band

With Tom Jones at the Eden Sessions 

'Shimmerlove' -At Konk Studios, recording for Jonathan Jeremiah album 'Good Day'

James Hunter music video 'I Don't Wanna Be Without You'

'Stars Fall Out The Sky' -Masterlink session featuring Jade Like The Stone

'Ghost Fish' -Masterlink Session with the house   band

Masterlink studio house band session 

'BDR529 Illionois'

Pete Molinari -music video for 'Hang My Head In Shame'

Back in the day!!!

Graffiti 6 at Pinkpop festival, Holland 2010

Saint Jude music video for 'Soul On Fire' 2009

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